How far will YOUR computer support 
team go to make a client smile??

We are willing to go the EXTRA mile, including 
taking a pie in the face  to make you happy.

(Of course, keeping your computers and websites 
work wonderfully sure helps you to STAY smiling!)

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see the "PIE-ING"

At a client's joking request, Lorinda whapped (and SMEARED) John in the face with a whipped cream pie.  Cameras were rolling to capture the event for posterity.  

Earlier that day, as we left Sams Club after purchasing the 3 large cans of whipped cream used to make the pie, the 60-ish female employee checking receipts at the door commented, "Gonna get kinky tonight".  I replied with "You WOULDN'T BELIEVE..." and walked on, leaving her to wonder.  :-) 
Perhaps it should have been a blueberry pie.

John takes a pie in the face for the American Cancer Society!
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