On our way between jobs one evening, we crested a hill and nearly ran into the rear end of a small car stopped in the road.  After a minute, the car went around the obstacle in front of it, and we were able to see that the holdup was a LARGE turtle.  It was no surprise the car was stopped, as the turtle was nearly as large as the car's tires!

    On top of a hill was certainly a bad place for a turtle to be lounging, and in the middle of the road was definitely NOT the place for it to be sunning itself!  She had apparently crawled there in search of an appropriate place to lay eggs.  Closer inspection showed the turtle to be in fine shape except for being a bit dried out.  She smelled awful, and looked to have been eating carrion along the roadside to survive.  

    A quick look in the van found a plastic storage box adequate to temporarily hold the turtle.  Our next stop was only about a mile from a large swamp, which sounded like a MUCH better place for a turtle to survive.

    The turtle rode quietly in the plastic crate, and we took a moment to snap pictures before releasing her.

    Certainly not the world's biggest good deed, but it sure made us feel good to have saved the creature from almost certain death.  Besides, who could resist helping a girl with a face like this:

    We tipped the crate up near the edge of the water at the swamp, and the turtle swam away.  The perfect end to a rescue!





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