"IS MY _____ SHOT??"

Many times we have been asked by a client who is having troubles with their computer, "Is it shot??", a simple question.

After working on computers for many years, we have the experience to be able to discern whether or not a piece of hardware is shot.  Those less experienced may need a bit of help making this sort of judgment.

The following tutorial pages should provide even a novice computer user with the ability to readily determine whether or not a piece of hardware is shot.

  1. Is my CPU Shot?

  2. Is my Hard Drive Shot?

  3. Is my CD-ROM Shot?

  4. Is My Mother Board Shot?

  5. Is my Keyboard Shot?

  6. Is my Tape Drive Shot?

  7. Is my Monitor Shot?

  8. Is my Printer Shot?

  9. Pop Quiz!

  10. Is my Hamster Shot?



Disclaimer:  These pages were created using safe firearm practices by experienced sportsmen, all over the age of 21.  Any attempt to duplicate our efforts is done entirely at the participant's own risk;  We assume no liability for any loss or injury incurred as a result of such activities.  We advocate safe and responsible firearm usage.  In plain English:  Firearms can maim and kill.  If you don't know how to use them correctly, HANDS OFF!  If you do something stupid or harmful, don't try to blame us:  You were warned!

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